Jesse is a NASM-certified personal trainer, Wilhelmina fitness model, and also has a Master's degree in psychology.  Her varied athletic history began at age three, when her parents enrolled her in gymnastics classes at a local gym.  At age ten, she discovered dance, and spent the next fifteen years performing in small local threatres, as well as large professional theatrical shows. Jesse ultimately left the dance world, but soon found a replacement passion:  long distance running.  She has completed many marathons, half-marathons, and 10Ks over the past ten years.  


Jesse also loves boxing, bootcamp-style classes, yoga, and of course, anything dance-inspired.  She is also BIG into all outdoor activities, such as skiing, surfing, and hiking.  She is a huge proponent of high-intentisty training (HIIT), and believes everyone can (and should) reap the benefits of the endorphins, dopamine, and seratonin associated with HIIT and exercise in general.

Jesse's training style reflects her eclectic background, and depending on a client's interests and desired results, she'll incorporate everything from shadow boxing to plies.  She also believes in the power of mindfulness and meditation, and to that end, leads monthly Mindfulness Bootcamps (MB) with co-founder, Devon McLeod. MB combines high-intensity training, fine-tuning strengthening, and meditation; a true workout for mind & body.


As a model, she has worked for clients such as Adidas, Runner's World mag, Under Armour, Victoria's Secret, Uniqlo, Macy's, Target, Skecher's, etc.


You can follow her daily updates on Instagram @FIT_JAB.  

Personal Trainer + MYXfitness Coach + Runner