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Meet Jesse

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Certified Personal Trainer with an M.A. in Psychology

I have a Master's degree in Psychology, which I fuse into all of my client sessions.  I'm a NASM-certified personal trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Women's Fitness Specialist, Yoga instructor, Run Coach (RRCA certified), Schwinn Indoor Cycling-certified, and Heart rate training specialist.

My Vision

Well-being starts from within.  Our bodies are merely a reflection of the cumulation of things we put into it.  I believe strongly in the mind-body connection; whatever is happening in the mind plays out in the body and vice-versa.  To achieve total-being wellness, one needs a specially tailored blend of strength-training, yoga/mobility, cardio, appropriate nutrition, and mental health support.  I have years of experience tailoring individual programs for hundreds of unique clients, and supporting them in their respective journeys. 

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