Personal Training

Jesse is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and has experience training clients of all ages, sizes, and of all fitness levels.  


Whether you are looking to lose weight, develop lean muscle mass, improve your marathon time, or just feel good and have fun, Jesse will help you get there.


Jesse is highly detailed and loves creating fun, individually-tailored workout plans to ensure that you actually ENJOY getting fit. She understands that you are unlikely to maintain a workout habit if you're not having fun, and fully believes that you can achieve both joy & fitness.

For rates & scheduling, drop her an email.


"Best workout & trainer I've ever had.  Jesse is great.  I've seen amazing results in a short amount of time.  Totally worth every minute.

Matt H./General Manager/Hospitality

"Jesse and I have been working together for the last 6 weeks. Her training sessions are beyond anything I have ever experienced. I am a yoga teacher and somewhat fit, but I have a lot of trouble with cardio and high intensity. I also wanted to drop a few pounds and most importantly get toned. Serious after just 2 sessions with Jesse I was seeing improvements. My strength and stamina improved right away and I could see more muscle definition in my arms, legs and abs. I really wasn't expecting such dramatic results. Now that we've had a bunch of sessions, my favorite part is the increased energy I have. I just feel better in my body, and more relaxed in life. Jesse's workouts are super fun, I'm dripping sweat most of the time and don't even notice when the session is almost over. They are always different and she always keeps me guessing. Jesse has helped me change my story about what a workout means. I'm so grateful to have found her!"

Erin O./Massage Therapist & Yoga teacher

"When I first thought about working out with Jesse, I was afraid I might feel a bit intimidated or that the workout


would be too strenuous for a more "mature" woman. I am so glad I got past those feelings because nothing could be


further from the truth. We had a thorough conversation about my health & expectations before even beginning &


she came up with a plan that works for me. I can't believe this exercise-aphobic woman is going to say this, but


Jesse even makes it FUN! I feel better & have more energy now so she definitely knows her stuff!!!"

Robin H

Personal Trainer + MYXfitness Coach + Runner