Flexibility During These Dogged Days

(How I feel about A/C...sweet, sweet, A/C!)

Steamy. Sticky. Swampy. All adjectives that come to mind when reflecting upon August weather in NYC. Now, I love summer and all associated activities probably more than anyone else in the whole wide world, but one thing I DON'T love is when I have to train for a marathon and it's 95 degrees, but feels like 105. That is just insanity.

Yesterday (Sunday) was supposed to be my long run, but I slept in (sleep is mad important, y'all) and thus missed the early and slightly cooler hours which I deem to be the only acceptable time to perform a long run when the weather is bananas. And thus, said long run was not to be...at least for yesterday. So, what did I do? Did I abandon the whole plan and sit in the a/c all day and eat chips? Well, yes, kind of. But, I also devised a heart-pumping lower body circuit workout that I could do inside, in the cool, that would both save me from heatstroke, and still give me a great workout. (Video & routine posted below).

When I was first starting running and training for marathons, I fell into a common trap faced by newbie runners. I took my training plan as the end-all, be-all, and stuck to it no matter what. I ran even if I felt sick. I ran through injuries (and naturally, exacerbated the damage). I ran through exhaustion. And yes, I ran in severe heat. But now that I've got quite a few halfs and fulls under my belt, I am no longer so hard on myself. I now know that I can manipulate my schedule a bit, and if one day looks a lot better weather-wise, or I've got too many other things on the calendar to squeeze in a run, I switch it up! I do my best to complete all of the week's suggested miles & strengthening workouts, but I'm not married the schedule; I stray, as needed, to fit my lifestyle.

I can be a bit of a control freak, but as I grow and learn, I realize that taking a more moderate approach to basically everything in my life (marathon training included), I become a much happier and healthier person. I am in no way advising laziness nor skipping workouts all together (unless of course there is a real need to, such as an injury), but what I am saying is to not get too attached to any training schedule or exercise plan, because there are so very many variables that are outside of our control.

So, give yourself some room for flexibility and creativity when it comes to your schedule. Work hard, but work smart.

Here is the HIIT lower body circuit I did yesterday, and wooooo-boy, am I feeling it today!

Jesse's Lower Body & Air-conditioned Blast

-100 Jumping jacks

-10 single leg squat with reach down (each side)

-30 sec skaters

-50 ham/glute curls on stability ball

-30 sec jump squats

-30 resistance band side leg lifts (each side)

-50 stability ball glute bridges

-30 sec lunge jumps

-30 dirty dogs with small ball tucked behind knee

Repeat 2-3x

This will come out to between 30-45 mins depending upon how many sets you do and targets all the major lower body muscles.

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