Little Bit of Everything: a Workout for When Motivation is Low

I have some life changes occurring right now (more about this soon!) and as is often the case, when things are in the process of changing, I feel more tired than usual. My body and my mind need more rest to process and synthesize new information. And as is (also) often the case, it can be challenging to wrestle my mind and get my day-to-day life in order during times of change. Thus, motivating myself to workout has been tough lately. BUT, yesterday I remembered something that has worked for me in the past in terms of motivation: mix it up and do a little bit of everything. Yesterday, I did not feel like working out at all, but I knew that my mind and body needed a workout. So, I decided to do one round of as many exercises as I could squeeze into 30 minutes (the amount of time I had available before my first client arrived). Guess what? Not only did I work every muscle group, but the 30 minutes flew by and I felt great afterwards. I wanted to share yesterday's routine with you so that the next time you're lacking in motivation, you have a novel little workout to get you back on track!

Note: I've simplified this a bit so that you can do this anywhere and with only your bodyweight, but you can add weights where applicable for a more intense workout.

Little Bit of Everything Workout:

*Complete one round of each exercise with minimal break between*

20 glute bridges

15 Squats with arms overhead

10-12 Push-ups (modify on knees if necessary to get full range of motion)

20 Reverse lunges

30 seconds bear crawl

20 Walking lunges

12-20 Tricep dips

30 sec mountain climbers

20 curtsy lunges

30 sec-60 sec plank

30 side shuffles right

30 side shuffles left

10 plank up-downs

30 sec jump squats

30 sec side plank right

30 sec jump lunges

30 sec side plank left

There you go! Hopefully this will reinvigorate your workout habit and/or just mix it up a bit!

If you try it, let me know how it was in the comments!



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