Simple & Effective Full-body Travel Workout

This topic is fresh on my mind as I am writing this blog on a flight back to the states from a lovely "babymoon" to Copenhagen. Many of my clients travel regularly for both work and pleasure and thus I am often asked to create simple workout plans that they can do from a hotel gym, or even from the privacy of a hotel room.

It's so easy to let your workout plans slide whilst traveling, but if you keep it simple for yourself and commit to staying on track, fitting in a workout on the go is totally doable.

Here is a sample workout that requires little space & time. (P.S. this workout was created with the non-pregnant person in mind, but if you, like me, are currently with child, you can safely do a modified version of this workout provided you have the OK to work out from your doc! :))


45 seconds. Warm the body up with good ol' fashioned gym class jumping jacks.


15 reps. Make sure you're getting down to at least 90 degrees or you're not using your glutes! And be sure to squeeze your bum on the way up.


30 seconds. From a plank position, step feet out a bit wider than hip width to ensure a solid base, then tape alternate shoulders as quickly as you can without allowing hips to rock back and forth. Abs & glutes should be firmly engaged.


30 seconds. From standing, alternately drive knees into chest as quickly as you can for 30 seconds. If you don't kind of want to die when you're done, you're not working hard enough!


10-12 each side. Step leg back into reverse lunge (back knee should almost touch ground) and then kick that same leg forward, driving through the heel. Return to lunge position.


10-12 reps. If you can't perform a proper chest-to-ground push up, drop to your knees so that you can achieve full range of movement. Your elbows should form at least a 90 degree angle when you lower down. (Yes, push-ups are hard. But I have helped numerous clients go from 0 full push-ups to 10+ in a matter of months. It CAN be done if you pratice good form and do them consistently).


20 total. If doing single leg, do 10 on each side.

Lay flat on your back with knees bent, arms by your sides. Dig heels in so that toes lift up. Engage glutes and squeeze hips up towards the ceiling. Slowly lower down. That's one rep. If this feels too easy, lift one leg and perform the single leg version.


Single Leg:


30 seconds. Start in good squat position, then jump straight up, landing back in squat position with soft knees. Perform for 30 seconds. Similar to high knees, if you don't kind of want to die, you're not working hard enough!


Active recovery! 30 seconds side plank per side. Keep those hips high!

Perform these 9 exercises as one long circuit with no break in between exercises. Repeat circuit 3x, resting 30 seconds in between each round. This should take you about 20-25 minutes and provides a full body workout.

Short enough to squeeze in anywhere whilst traveling!

If you try it out, let me know how it goes!



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