Spring Eating & "THE SECRET" to Fat Loss

(Photo: Sean Nana. Venice Beach, CA. 2017.)

After a seemingly endless winter, spring is officially here! Though we're still battling some chillier days here in the Northeast U.S., the baseline temps have definitely risen, and we've even seen some days creep into the 60s and 70s.

Warmth & longer days means more time spent outdoors, taking walks with the family, going for hikes or a jog, and maybe even taking your yoga practice outside. A greater variety of produce starts to appear in supermarkets, and many people start to crave fresh spring meals in lieu of the heavier fare we tend to gravitate towards in the winter.

In fact, I think the spring is a perfect time to clean-up; not only your home, but also your diet. So, in this newsletter, I want to discuss how to lose body fat in a remarkably simple way.

Are you ready for this?

Seriously, I've got the "magic" solution to all of your weight loss concerns. And I'm about to drop this knowledge on you... RIGHT NOW.

The way to do it- to successfully lose body fat, fit into your clothes better, have more energy, and feel great...

Eat fewer calories than you burn.

*Uproarious applause.

**Standing ovation.

I know. Shocking, right?

Sorry for the cheekiness- I couldn't resist. OK, listen: no new-fangled eating plan- not paleo, Whole30, veganism, all-protein, low-carb, intermittent fasting, etc, etc. is going to help you lose fat and gain muscle UNLESS YOU CREATE A CALORIE DEFICIT. If you enjoy doing any of those plans and they make you feel good on a spiritual or physical level, by all means- GO FOR IT. But, as my dad would say, "A calorie is a calorie is a calorie." Whether you choose to get those calories from processed-fast-food crap, or nutritious plant-based protein & vegetables has no impact on body fat. There have been countless studies showing this. In one such study, some dude ate only McDonalds for every single meal, but he kept his overall calorie consumption at a target number that created a deficit (i.e. he burned more calories than he consumed each day). And guess what? He lost weight. His clothes fit better. Did he feel better subsisting on that crap? No. He felt terrible. But, he DID lose fat.

In high school and undergrad, I subjected myself to periods of very poor eating & drinking choices. I remember in 10th grade, I would routinely forego a proper lunch, eating two candy bars instead. TWO. CANDY BARS. But, for breakfast I ate All-Bran & fruit, and for dinner I'd have whatever healthy meal my mom cooked (usually a protein, starch, and a vegetable). I was 16 and I was rebelling with my lunch choice, mmmk? Anyways, I also spent my after-school hours in the dance studio, and as such, despite my crappy, sugar-smothered lunch, I was in fantastic shape. BECAUSE I CREATED A CALORIE DEFICIT. (OK. And also because I was 16. But you get the point).

I hear it all the time: "I don't get it. I'm eating healthy and working out. I just can't seem to lose weight." I know that when I hear this that one of only a couple of possibilities is happening:

1) You're eating too many calories.

2) It's been two days and "you-want-results-right-now-ohmahgawddddd!"

It's not going to happen overnight. You may not even see results in a week (or two). But, I PROMISE YOU: if you eat less than you burn (and you can track this using any number of apps. I like & recommend MyFitnessPal), and give it some time, you WILL lose fat, gain energy, fit into your clothes better, and gain a sense of smugness that YOU'VE found the "secret" to fat loss. ;)

**More uproarious applause.



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