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Total-being-wellness combines both physical and mental health. Whatever is going on in the mind plays out in the body and vice versa. But regardless of what's going on, you CAN improve your life for the better, no matter your age, fitness level, size, or gender.


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I believe that people are capable of change, regardless of the circumstances. I know because I've seen it. I know because I've done it.


I am not your average personal trainer. I have years of experience helping clients to grow stronger, improve their mobility, and increase their cardiovascular endurance. Aside from certifications in Strength, Corrective Exercise, Yoga, and Running, I also hold a Master's in Psychology which has proven incredibly useful in terms of supporting clients in behavioral change and accountability.

Well-versed in various wellness practices, I often incorporate these into clients' individualized programming. From cold-plunging to sleep hygiene and stress management, I support you by creating the entire package, addressing whatever YOU need.

I believe in YOU, and will help you believe in yourself, too.

"I can't recommend Jesse enough! I would be what you might call, a "challenging client". Health issues have prevented me from maintaining a level of training and exercise that I would like and Jesse has approached my re-enrty to regular training with compassion, understanding and professionalism. She has tailored my exercise regimen 100% to my needs, always being careful not to set me back health wise by pushing too hard too soon. Jesse is a consummate pro and anyone would be  incredibly fortunate to work with her...I know I am. Thank you Jesse!"

 -Rob F.

"Jesse is an amazing motivator and expertly walks that delicate line of pushing you just enough so that you exceed your expectations and make progress. She's also fun and encouraging, and I felt really safe and empowered in her hands!"

-Maggie C.


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